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ICR Exam in India

- Venues at agreed sites in India -


Next Dates


To be confirmed.


Who should sit the Exam?

The exam was originally designed to assist members without a life science degree to gain Registered Member (RICR) status. Although this is still the case, the exam is now predominantly used a to assist our members continuing professional development, as the exam demonstrates a candidates board knowledge of the essential aspects of clinical research whilst also demonstrating their ability to apply that knowledge.


Exam Composition

The ICR Exam is designed in two parts:


Part 1: Certificate

This may be taken once the theory and basic principles of clinical research are acquired. This exam consists of 60 Multiple Choice Questions


Part 2: Diploma

Candidates require a minimum of 6-12 months working within clinical research before they can sit the Diploma as it requires a degree of application of the principles of clinical research. The exam is scenario based and candidates must answer 3 of the 9 scenarios presented to them.


How to Apply

If you wish to take the exam, you need to contact ICR Country Manager in India who will be able to advise you further. 


We have produced an Exam Booklet giving more detailed information about the exam.



The fee for sitting the Certificate exam is Rs. 8000


The fee for the Diploma exam is Rs. 8500


The fee for the Certification exam is Rs.13500


For each sitting, an additional fee, to cover the provision of facilities, secure storage, transport and invigilation is normally Rs. 1800 per candidate.

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