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Our Mission 
  • To enhance the professional identity of Members of the Institute. 
  • To facilitate communications between Members by providing a forum for discussion. 
  • To promote good relations with other healthcare related groups. 
  • To provide opportunities for learning and development to enhance professional competence. 
  • To enhance public confidence and understanding of clinical research.


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In the News This Week

·         The Road to Cancer Treatment Through Clinical Trials

·         Blood sample appeal for medical research

·         Big Pharma joins the U.K.'s genomics project with eyes on drug discovery

·         Amgen uncovers trove of gene knockouts in 'molecular national selfie'

·         GlaxoSmithKline mounts an open casting call for R&D starlets

·         AstraZeneca buys into Harvard's stem cell tech for diabetes R&D

·         GlaxoSmithKline mounts an open casting call for R&D starlets

·         100,000 Genomes Project taps Big Pharma dream team for data crunching skills

·         Federal Trade Commission cracking down on questionable mobile medical apps

·         Google, J&J partner to advance surgical robotics

·         Stryker gets FDA clearance to use Mako robot for hip replacement

·         Medtronic slides into hearing devices with magnetic implant startup acquisition

·         Hey, European countries--join forces to bring down drug prices, WHO suggests

·         Japan's Otsuka sues U.S. FDA over Abilify in unique focus on exclusivity rules

·         Indian state to train employees to think like FDA inspectors

·         Can Payers and Drug Industry Agree on Real Value?

·         Germany's cost watchdog decides Valeant's Provenge has added benefit after all

·         Europe pushes back verdict on Bristol immune system cancer drug

·         FDA to evaluate homeopathy regulatory framework

·         Genfit to conduct large liver drug trial despite setback

·         'Right to Try' Legislation Tracker

·         £40m boost for UK life sciences

·         CR UK ties with EPSRC for collaborative research

·         UK launch for mental health apps library

·         Keytruda beats Yervoy in first-line melanoma

·         International prize for cardiac modelling research

·         Who do you think you really are? The first fine-scale genetic map of the British Isles

·         Embryo gene-editing is unsafe and unethical, say gene-editing scientists

·         Ribosome nobel laureate elected to Royal Society presidency

·         Editor quits journal over pay-for-expedited peer-review offer

·         U.K. government scientists hit with media restrictions

·         Accelerated Change: Understanding the FDA’s Expedited Pathways

·         Max Planck Society unveils €50 million support plan for young scientists

·         Why NIH's Anthony Fauci is treating Ebola patients himself

·         A Patient Perspective on Patient Engagement

·         Hoax-detecting software spots fake papers

·         Bad gene cripples flu defenses

·         One thousand genes you could live without

·         HSJ Clinical Research Impact Award 2015 competition now open

·         Personalized Medicine at a Crossroads

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  • To Be a CRA[pdf/542KB] An eBook with information about how to become a Clinical Research Associate (CRA). 
  • To Be a CTA [pdf/524KB] An eBook about the role of the Clinical Trial Administrator (CTA). 
  • To be a pharmacy professional [pdf/569KB] An eBook about the role of the pharmacy professional in clinical research. 


Other titles for sale 

The ICR Guide to Freelancing New 2013 edition Hundreds of ICR members already work as consultants or freelance contractors, and many more clinical research professionals are considering it. Anyone working freelance needs to feel confident they comply with business and tax regulations, and that their venture will succeed. 

  • Clinical Trial Design - Updated summary coming soon 
  • Archiving Clinical Trial Documents - Updated summary coming soon 
  • Outsourcing Clinical Research Projects - Updated summary coming soon 
  • Statistics in Clinical Research - Updated summary coming soon 
  • Management & Leadership Essentials - Updated summary coming soon
  • Communication & Presentation Skills - Updated summary coming soon 


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