Project Management Forum

Understanding Project Management can be a nightmare , exactly what is the role , where does it start , where does it stop , what does a project manager do and where does their authority start and finish, what makes a good Project manager and can we learn from outside the Industry? All these questions and so much more are covered by the Project manager Special Interest Group ,

Here are just a few of the other topics that have been covered over the last few years ;

Stratified medicines - The Key Principles , Gene Therapy - Regulatory approach, Project managing complex Clinical Projects, The Pro's & Cons of Linking Clinical Plans and development Plans. eTMF ,; a blessing or a curse ? , Regulatory Authority Inspection Readiness , Managing Risks of Clinical Trials - A novel Approach , Managing effective Teams , The relevance Agile Project management to Clinical Research.

2017's Forums will be announced on the 31st January 2017 if you would like to propose a new Forum focus, please contact the ICR using the details at the top of this page or  call the Secretariat on 01628 501700