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CRFocus: Our membership magazine has been circulated electronically since 2013.  We have currently suspended production and the future of the magazine is being reviewed by the board  There are so many free Clinical Research magazines available, we want to ensure that there is an appropriate space for an ICR specific magazine and that we make the best use of our resources.  An update will be shared with the membership later in the year.

ICR members can download entire issues in PDF format.
Spring 2014 CRFocus Cover
Spring 2014 CRFocus Cover

Last issue

  • Essential Study Start Up
  • Getting the best our of multicultural teams
  • A day in the life of a Project Director
  • Computerised Systems... What could go wrong
  • Pharmageddon - are we experiencing a staffing meltdown
  • Devolution or Evolution? Clinical Research in an Independent Scotland
  • Working Effectively - make it your business
  • Updates on forthcoming ICR training & events
  • Conference, September 2014 - call for abstracts

Previous issue

  • Ben Goldacre - Interview & response
  • Like Sheep to the Slaughter - Update & response
  • Book review: Sympathy for the Devil by Gary Acton MD
  • Working from Home - The pain and the gain
  • The Freelancers' Forum notes (Part 1)
  • A Day in the Life of a Project Manager
  • Updates on forthcoming ICR training & events
  • News from throughout the world of clinical research

About CRfocus

Clinical Research focus (CRfocus) is the magazine for members of The Institute of Clinical Research. CRfocus publishes authoritative articles to keep readers up to date with best practice, and develop their careers.

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